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Real Estate Law involves the ownership and legal interest in real property. It involves the buying and selling of land; examination of the chain of title; lease negotiation, preparation and enforcement; issuing of title insurance; land surveys; subdivision approvals; conveyancing; mortgaging; zoning; wetland compliance issues and numerous contractual and financing elements. Sometimes, the ownership of land which has been in the family for decades where family members have died become convoluted requiring significant legal efforts to unravel and authoritatively establish the proper ownership interests of the family heirs or beneficiaries. This frequently involves the interpretation of language in the decedents' wills and, where no wills exists, in accordance with the applicable Maryland interstate law. The "Closing" which is commonly referred to as "settlement", is the final process of orchestrating the land transaction where any remaining transaction issues are resolved, financing is consummated, legal title is transferred from seller to buyer, and the necessary legal documents are recorded among the County's land records.

Real estate land development and commercial transactions are far more complicated than settlement of a residential property. In Maryland, title to real property can be held in several ways such as "fee simple", meaning absolutely, by joint tenancy by the entirely, tenancy in common, and life estates with or without powers of transfer, sale or mortgage. Because Maryland law is rooted in English common law, Maryland recognizes the right to title in a leasehold interest in real property, known as "ground rent". Maryland is one of only a few states that permit ground rents. A ground rent payment is treated similar to paying interest on a mortgage for the land itself. Generally, Maryland ground rents are redeemable.

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