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The practice area of Technology Transactions involves the origination and development of new technology, culminating in the introduction of the technology into the marketplace or the development or acquisition of advanced equipment or software. Transactions involving emerging technology may require the development and implementation of a plan to identify and protect intellectual property.

Strong familiarity with the technical, business, and legal issues surrounding emerging technologies is key to a successful technology transaction. Issues that may arise include the proposed acquisition of highly technical equipment being specifically developed or modified for a particular performance, the licensing of technology, software development, discovery of new techniques and the sale or acquisition of software. Such transactions are usually fast-moving and are driven by market, technology exploitation, and opportunity windows. Investors, researchers, and technology managers must appreciate the commercial environment to gain meaningful perspective and increase the potential for a successful technology transaction.

HENAULT & SYSKO, CHARTERED is experienced in helping clients navigate such intense and rapid-paced transactions. Because this area of the law is still developing, many of these transactions present issues of first impression for the Courts. The attorneys at HENAULT & SYSKO, CHARTERED are prepared to assist you with every aspect of your technology transaction, form protecting your ideas about the technology to the final steps of commercialization. We have the necessary appreciation of the delicate interplay between the technical, business, and legal aspects of your technology transaction to guide it to realize its full potential. See our Publication on Technology Commercialization.

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